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About Mandy's Life

I have always wanted to be in front of the camera since a young age, I even got a chance to perfom in Fiddler on the roof in highschool. Now since starting my family I decided to help that become a reality.

I started my Youtube channel as a way to create videos of myself, my husband Ray and my 4 kids. Now I enjoy sharing these videos with all of you, showing a day in the life of our great family. The fun activities I get to experience with my kids, the times when we get to see other parts of this great country. Shows and attractions that come to our small part of the world.

I hope you enjoy our videos and you can always keep up to date with what we are doing by visiting some sites where I share my content.


I upload new and exciting content daily, it is all based around my life and bringing up our 4 kids in this crazy world.


Here I like to share my Youtube content, chat to my loyal followers and keep people up to date with upcoming content.


If you are looking for the latest images of me and my family, then this is where you will find it. See some crazy images of what my kids get up to.


Here I like to share my latest videos but you will also see other amazing stuff from people around the world.

Colt's Birth the same day as Thanksgiving

My First Tattoo - In memory of the ones we lost